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unBail makes your court case easy to understand so you can feel prepared about your case
The legal system is a maze that experts are trained to maneuver.

Defendants are forced to make life-altering decisions without significant information or context.

Defendants must complete approx. 200 discrete tasks during their legal proceeding


73% of County Public Defenders offices exceed recommended caseload per lawyer


Black defendants in Cuyahoga County are held in jail at a rate 6.4x that of white defendants

Legal information for all, 24/7


unBail is a free mobile app that allows defendants unlimited access to information about their specific case and what may lie ahead.


unBail helps break the system down into easily digestible parts and provides engaging content, making it easy for defendants to be informed.


By increasing defendant engagement and improving transparency about the legal system, unBail aims to increase court appearance rates and encourage more equitable case outcomes for defendants. As defendants engage with the system and share their experiences, we hope to learn about where the system fails defendants and how to address these failures. 

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Ian Friedman
Esq., Friedman & Nemecek, L.L.C.
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Michael P Donnelly
Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio

My Case

Information about a defendant's case whenever they need it. Defendants get a notification as soon as there are updates to a case in progress.
App concept screenshots showing case information and applicable resources based on the defendant's situation.


Empowering defendants with the information they deserve, helping them navigate the intricacies of their case and predict potential roadblocks.
App concept snapshots showing content that allows defendants to learn about each step of the legal process.


Defendants can stay in touch with their lawyer and connect to social services all without leaving the app.
App concept screenshot showing a list of searchable resources with reviews.

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