We are a non-profit design studio

As a design studio, we devise scalable solutions that can be applied to institutions across the country.

Our legal status as a non-profit gives us the flexibility to work on important problems often ignored by government contractors.

We co-create public interest technology

We focus on building technology and processes that scale, this amplifies our impact. Successful applications in one system can be applied more broadly.

Our partnerships with governments allow us to deeply understand and devise solutions to real-world problems.

Trusted and supported by government and philanthropic partners
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Our team

Headshot of Cait Kennedy, executive director of unBail
Cait Kennedy
Executive Director
Headshot of Paul Gehrig, product and design at unBail
Paul Gehrig
Product & Design
Headshot of Crystal Bryant-Agyemang, government relations at unBail
Crystal Bryant-Agyemang, Esq.
Relationship Strategist
Headshot of Mary Bridget Waters, research and content at unBail
Mary Bridget Waters
Research & Content